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released May 25, 2013



all rights reserved


KLANGFELD Paris, France

Klangfeld ou champ sonore, s’étend entre folk rock et noise. Y traîne l'écho de Neil Young, l'esprit d’Alice in Chains, les expérimentations d’Archive. Le tout poussé par une section rythmique à l’attaque groove.

La Release Party de l’EP, c’est fin février!
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Track Name: Focus

Red light stop go I rush down the avenue
Thoughts aside I hit the breaks and circle thru
Freaked out faces collapse in the corner of my eyes
Fainted vision of weird specters flashing by

A distant calling
Give it up and go

Concrete lanes the cities veins exhilarate
Over the edge the breathless mind decelerates
The roots of tomorrow dried out by artificial light
And me feeling the rush of a perfect night
Track Name: Another

You're standing in that door
Never seen that face before
Dark dress and a cigarette
Dampened anger levitate

Night unleashes the core
Feathers trailing on the floor
Flickering light on blackened walls
Grab my throat and spit it out

Another dream of depletion
Another scheme without reason

Time capsules expand thru walls
Nails blood and scares
Disguise flesh with your will
Those hollow sounds
Cliff sides collapse in shimmering blasts
Track Name: Black Star

Broken shades danced on our faces that night
Bugs circeled around the yellow lights
Our laughter filled the empty streets
the beat moved our feed

Dried sweat reminded the long gone day
Endless roads, the car lights shadow play
Thoughts, words, pieces of life
In those shared moments strangers become friends

And there we go our ways

It’s 24/7 420 in confed flag land
I called a death cab for a cutie
Had one last bowl in bed

Dreamed of empty spaces,
where no thoughts can grow
Saw the smoky mountains
They were white like snow

And there we go our ways

I saw the black star
In Columbia, South Carolina
Track Name: 5000 Miles
5000 Miles

If you ask me „What’s the matter?“
Or why I’m gone
I will tell you that you shouldn’t care
Won’t be for long

It won’t be for long

If you ask me why I’m gone
I will tell you it won’t be for long
If you ask me when I will come back
I’d say in 5000 miles

5000 miles and i will come back, back to you
So we can tell us what we’ve been thru

Dust and bitter bones
All for you

Between trees the demons eye
And the owls cry

5000 miles and i will come back, back to you
So we can tell us what we’ve been thru
Track Name: The Howling

Hear the howling
Hear the howling
Through the night

Under starlight
Under starlight
I am, I am

On those unpaved ways waits the sorrow
Waving, cheering, should I follow
Your comfort pill I wont swallow
And rather hit the road tomorrow

Hear me howling
Hear me howling
Through the night

Sticks stones and branches
In broken white gold and crystalized steam
The snow in pale light
I walk through old time